Have you heard of the ball-point pen hand massage to lose weight?

2020-04-29  506

As the saying goes, people's physical condition is often reflected in various body terminals. The blood circulation or lymphatic system is not running smoothly, it is difficult to have shiny and moist skin. On the contrary, if you massage the hand as the terminal, it is possible to improve the circulation of body fluids and increase the efficiency of the metabolism of the whole body. Therefore, massaging hands helps to lose weight.

The hand also has a "reflection zone"

There is a reflex zone in the foot that "by stimulating somewhere, the corresponding body part can be activated." Such a reflex zone actually has a reflex zone in the hand.

For example, when stimulating the stiff area from the root joint of the thumb to the wrist, "feel dull pain", indicating that the visceral function is low, and it is easy to appear puffiness or skin deterioration.

If this part of the stiff area is massaged to optimize blood circulation, it can activate visceral function and improve the problem of puffiness or poor skin.

Watch the palm carefully

First, carefully observe your palm. When the blood circulation is good and the body is healthy, the palm is pink. The white color indicates that the body has insufficient energy and the body's functioning is low.

On the contrary, the redder the hands, the more fatigue and aging waste accumulated in the body. The operation of body fluids is also mostly at a standstill.

If the palm is too white or too red, it is a manifestation of weak physical function and low metabolism. Let's use massage to turn the palms into pink to speed up the metabolism.

Hand massage that can be performed anytime, anywhere

It may be difficult to memorize the reflex zone, but we can massage the entire hand and optimize the circulation of body fluids to accelerate the new generation.

First of all, don't limit the place, often massage the entire hand. If you insist on it every day, you will find "strange? This place is much swollen than usual", and you can gradually determine which part of the body is broken.

1. Cross your fingers and massage between your fingers. 2. One hand wraps the other. The thumb of this hand presses the other hand hard like a stamp. 3. Clenched the fist for 3 seconds, and then suddenly opened your hand (3-5 times each time)

You can also use a ballpoint pen

For those who feel dull pain after rubbing, massage more patiently. When it is difficult to massage by hand, it is recommended to use a slender object like a ballpoint pen. Compared to fingers, ballpoint pens can stimulate smaller parts and make people feel better.

Massaging hands to improve weight loss efficiency

The body is full of fatigue or aging waste, you can't have a slim body. Observe the hand, touch the hand, and when you feel "clogged", massage the hand to achieve a smooth flow.

Hand massage can optimize the circulation of body fluids and improve the body's metabolic efficiency. The effect of exercise or the discharge of aging waste can also be improved, which may increase the efficiency of weight loss.

Please set aside time for hand massage every day and transform into a slim body together.